Soul Ingredients®: Gospel Music

Based on extensive research, Soul Ingredients® is a teaching methodology I created for developing a singer/performer's musical style.  This methodology shows students how to take their musical influences and models and execute the different components in a manner that is personal to the singer/performer’s own personal expression. 

Soul Ingredients®: Gospel Music specifically delves in to the style of gospel music.  From both a pedagogic (or teaching) and singers' perspective, it examines questions like:
  • What are the voice training goals for a Gospel singer?
  • Can I use the standard Classical-based vocal technique to sing gospel music?
  • Do I even need vocal training to sing gospel music if I've been singing it all my life?
  • What makes gospel music similar to other styles of African-American Music?
  • What makes gospel music different from other styles of African-American Music
  • What are the components of expression used in Gospel Music?
  • What are some of the sub genres of gospel music?


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