Upcoming Dates:

TBD: Jazz

Upcoming Dates:

LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace

LEVEL I: July 28-30
LEVEL II: August 4-6


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Based on extensive research, Soul Ingredients® is a teaching methodology I created for developing a singer/performer's musical style.  This methodology shows students how to take their musical influences and models and execute the different components in a manner that is personal to the singer/performer’s own personal expression.  The development of personal expression is manifested by:

  1. Helping the student to identify their personal connection to the lyrics or story of the song he or she is performing. 
  2. Identifying the different forms of musical expression that are commonly used in various genres and sub-genres of music.
  3. Guiding the student through musical analysis demonstrating how other singers/performers in their genre of choice execute the various forms of emotional expression. 
  4. Identifying and Recognizing the singer's/performers personal form of emotional expressions. (i.e. Various levels of specific emotions.)
  5. Assisting the student in musically articulating their emotional perspective in the context of the song.
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What is Soul?

Soul, in the context of musical expression, is the experience, the feelings/sentiments, the conviction, and the vulnerability of the performer executed through a specific musical vocabulary and performance practice commonly associated with the African-American/Black music tradition.

"If you're sad, cry like YOU cry...because no one can feel or express YOUR pain like you can!"
   --Dr. Trineice

Free Download "Give Me 10 Minutes"
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Free Download "Give Me 10 Minutes" Vocal Warmup
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