Soul Ingredients® Methodology Course 

With Dr. Trineice


Voice Teacher Training and Artist Intensive Course

For Level II Graduates of
LoVetri Institute for Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace University

When Science Meets Soul: Soul Ingredients® Methodology
Voice Teacher Training & Artist Development Intensive

Level 1: Intro to Soul Ingredients® July 28-30, 2023

Classes with be In-Person and Live on Zoom

Learn voice training methods that will help deepen the authenticity of performance in both yourself and your students. Dr. Trineice takes the science of voice on a deep dive into the musical Soul and applies both to the cultural and stylistic expectations of an individual's chosen genre.
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What is Soul Ingredients® Methodology?

Soul ingredients® Methodology is a systemic pedagogic approach for developing artists performing in folk-based musical styles.  A student-centered methodology, Soul Ingredients® guides singers and instructors in acknowledging, valuing, a further developing the student’s unique voice. Singers and instructors learn how to take their personal experiences, musical influences, and models, and execute the various components in a personal manner to form the singer/performer's unique expression. This methodology is a strategic combination of science-based voice pedagogy, applied pedagogy, and musical training strategies and performance perspectives used in oral music teaching tradition of African American folk-based music styles (i.e., jazz, gospel, R&B, blues, etc.).
Through Soul Ingredients® Methodology, participants will acquire specific strategies, techniques, and tools for developing artists from the inside out by exploring the Soul Ingredients® pedagogic framework (Anatomical Awareness, Voice Conditioning, Style Conditioning, and Song Interpretation). Participants will learn creative ways of applying vocal techniques to the individual's specific stylistic and physiological needs with a personalized approach to voice training designed to nurture healthy, effective, and authentic artists in their chosen genres.
Soul Ingredients® Methodology helps singers to:
  • Develop their Sound
  • Develop their Style
  • Nurture the soul by sharing their stories

When Science Meets Soul Level I

When Science Meets Soul: Soul ingredients® Methodology Level I is a 3-day intensive courses that introduce professional voice users, teachers, and SLP to a vocabulary for teaching music and working with singers and musical styles rooted in, and influenced by, African American folk-based music styles and music traditions. Each day presents a focused area in Soul Ingredients® Methodology: Developing the Sound, Developing the Style, Developing the Story.

When Science Meets Soul: Level I
Introduction to Soul Ingredients® Methodology

Level I takes the participants on journey through which they learn Soul Ingredients® approach by experiencing the development process for themselves. First, we will revisit vocal anatomy topics and explore strategies to personalize vocal development, and then we will follow a series of tools to organize and develop Style and Story.

  • Day 1-Developing the Sound
    • Voice Technique: Helping students to develop their natural, emotive sounds in a manner that is sustainable and flexible. Guiding students to acquire the appropriate technique for their instrument and perception.
  • Day 2- Understanding the Style
    • Style Vocabulary, Cultural Context, Cultural Viability: Understanding and implementation
  • Day 3- Nurturing the Story
    • Storytelling: Musically articulating personality, personal expression, and experience  

Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin

Founder and Creator of Soul Ingredients® Methodology


In addition to her book "So You Want to Singing Gospel," she has contributed chapters to several textbooks and scholarly writings on the tops of voice and Black music history. In addition to these books, Robinson-Martin's published work can also be found in Downbeat Magazine, New York Times, Journal of Singing, Journal of Voice, and Voice and Speech.
As a performer, New York Music Daily praised Robinson as "an individualist who defies categorization: there's the immediacy of classic soul music here, coupled to jazz sophistication, gospel rapture and fervor." Whether touring with Peabo Bryson and Leela James in the Standing in Shadows of Motown Live, being a featured soloist with Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, creating vocal tracks for Nnenna Freelon's Grammy Nominated Album "Time Traveler," or performing with her jazz quartet, Dr. Trineice loves to perform good music, and inspire others to be their best self.